How to deal with Amazon Listing Hijackers

As there are millions of small and medium-sized businesses from around the world are selling on Amazon, the competition is becoming progressively harsh, ruthless and aggressive.

So today, let’s discuss a common problem that almost every successful seller on Amazon has experienced.

Is your Amazon product listing being hijacked? then you’re in the right place.

How does a Hijacked Amazon Product Listing Look Like

Let’s say MOCREO sells a Bluetooth selfie stick under its own brand. However, there are 2 other sellers for this product. Click on the link to see both offers and this is what you find.

hijacker 1

Here we see that MOCREO seems to be the original seller based on review-count. But REDGO Direct is competing on the listing under your brand for almost $2 less.

hijacker 2

And if we look at their individual listings, we see they are almost identical. Except for the seller.

hijacker 3

How To Get Rid Of These Amazon Hijackers

Here are a few top strategies you can use to remove these listings.

Write down a threatening letter


A well-written threat to the hijacker can help you here. So the more you monitor your listings the better it is for you. When you do find out that there is a hijacker in your listing, you can easily send them a threatening message. Make sure not to go overboard with the language.

Here’s an example of the letter you can write:

This voice of threat is more than enough to get your job.

Report seller to Amazon


When you see that your listings are getting hijacked for the first time, your first action can be to report a violation on Amazon.

report hij


However, it could be better used as your second string of defense. This approach is extremely effective for bots because they’re well identifiable as fraudulent when you take a moment to check out their account.

However, this doesn’t work quite well for professional liars as they make a career out of looking and seeming legit.

All you have to do is email seller performance for quick results.

Here are the steps to report an Amazon seller inside seller central:

Go to Seller Central > Help > Contact Us

Select: Selling on Amazon > Other Issues > Report a Violation.

Make it short and sweet, generally within two or three sentences. You can drop a direct link at the bottom of the email to their storefront and mark it as urgent.

This approach tends to get results at the earliest.

Purchase Product from Reported Amazon Seller


Why waste your time, energy or effort on someone that doesn’t have the Buy Box.

Here’s another way to report the seller to Amazon under Amazon’s counterfeit policy. Have a friend buy the counterfeit product and file an A to Z complaint to Amazon.

Here’s the exact procedure.

  • Shop the product from the fraud seller in question and make sure to choose the fastest shipping option.
  • Take photos so that branded tag or branded packaging is clearly visible in the photo to prove that the item is fake.
  • Complain to the seller that the item is fake through Amazon where you “Report a Problem”. Choose the option about the product “not being materially the same”.
  • Wait a day and open a counterfeit case against the seller. Include the terms “fake”, “not authentic” or “counterfeit” in your claim.
  • In 48 hours, Amazon responds and if all goes well, Amazon will take down their listing within few days.
Activate Hijack Alert for Amazon Product


Reputed sellers on Amazon mostly use Amazon listing hijack prevention software to get rid of Amazon hijackers. 

Hijack Prevention software such as Proseller auto checks your amazon listings every 15 minutes to prevent amazon rules infringement. If any product hijacking takes place, a hijack alert will immediately send you information about the affected listings. The seller will get a notification on the dashboard.

Know how to set up a hijack alert here!

There are always measures to fight back the hijackers of your product listings.

With these tricks, you’ll finally be able to get rid of and report product hijackers, and other internet creeps with ease.

Stay alert!

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