How to win on Amazon business during Covid-19?

“COVID-19”, is the worst horrific episode of the modern times the whole of humanity is dealing with. It has put the world to an uncertain pause. The world is forced to change its habits and routines. We are forced to learn to live in a “social distanced” way.

The pandemic has not only affected and risked human health but also destroyed the global economies. The world is in a struggle and fighting continuously to bring back the good old times.

While the governments, the frontliners, all medical, delivery and security staff are doing their best to fight out coronavirus, the business world is facing its own challenges. The stocks are dropped like never before, the sales of non-essentials have plunged, companies are struggling to sustain and the unemployment rate is constantly increasing.

The Amazon business has seen its own ups and downs where essential commodities were favored and non-essential products were outcast. Amazon being the leader in the Indian digital business reported that they faced the biggest impact of the coronavirus pandemic on its business internationally in India.

Now that the Governments have permitted the delivery of the non-essentials, the Amazon sellers have to be more careful than ever. This Blogpost will guide you on how you can make a successful comeback on Amazon.


How to win on Amazon business during Covid-19?

The lockdown period has not been easy for both Amazon and sellers. Amazon has been continuously updating its policies trying to align with the COVID-19 situations. Amazon has taken some serious steps towards raising the safety standards of products delivered. 

Hence, it comes to the duty of the sellers to follow the new protocol and save their accounts from suspension. The current market scenario will make it difficult for the sellers to develop trust among the customers and hit the sales targets or earn profits. Here are a few helpful tips to be followed to win back amazon business again.

8 tips for a successful comeback for Amazon Sellers

Stay Updated on Amazon Policy Changes

To succeed at Amazon business, you will have to obey all its rules and regulations. Do not include any product in your listing which claims anything to do with coronavirus. In addition, Amazon is closely monitoring the unlawful increased prices of the commodities. Amazon is on high alert for this and it will inevitably not fare well for your business. 

Consider fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

With Amazon temporarily suspending the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service for the non-essentials, there is a delay in the shipment of products. It is better to convert to FBM and fulfill the delivery of the products yourself. This will help in the movement of stock and continuity of the business. 

Although, you have to deal with the following Challenges:

  1. You must have a large fulfillment operation in place, the costs for FBM orders can be higher than those for FBA orders.
  2. Shoppers can leave negative seller feedback based on the speed and quality of your shipment. This impacts your ratings.
  3. You must handle your own customer service issues.

Note: Prior to the pandemic, 95% of Amazon sales volume was FBA and now more than 75% is fulfilled by the merchant.

Focus on your Branding

This is the right to focus on your brand. Plan for new marketing strategies, look for new opportunities to market your product, in terms of how it is going to be useful or how safe your product is, leverage your social media, make sure you are engaged with your customers. It is also the best time to study your competition on Amazon, try to decode their strategies. Try to know everything on Amazon so that you and your product are ready when things return to normal.

Follow all the safety measures

The times have changed, sellers need to be more alert than before. It’s better to take all precautions recommended by Amazon than to get your account suspended. Both the Government and Amazon are leaving no stone unturned to make sure the delivery made is 100% safe. You can find the guidelines issued by Amazon here.

Communicate with your customers

The market is volatile so is the customer, you need to constantly remind your customers about you. For this, you will have to send them regular updates on your listings, any offer/discount you are planning also, tell them about your Covid-19 safe delivery methods or steps you are taking to keep your inventory.warehouse sanitized. 

You can do this by doing an email blast to all your customers, ProSeller can help you send out email campaigns. Use social media to interact with your customers. 

Focus on Prime Sign-ups

If you are a Prime seller you must be well aware of all the benefits. 

  1. You get a  Prime Badge against your store name. 
  2. Premium and expedited delivery options and early access to special shopping deals.
  3. Enhanced customer shopping experience. 
  4. It helps increase customer demand and satisfaction with your products.
  5. Increase customer loyalty 

With FBA, the Buy Box, and a bit of advertising, you could make this effect of the coronavirus on Amazon work in your favour. Focus on getting a prime seller membership to make the most of your Amazon business.

Re-work on your product listings

The key to sustaining in a highly competitive market is to constantly update and be ahead of your competition. With the whole market needs changing and customers having a different approach towards online shopping, make sure to add keywords that will present your brand as safe. Invest this time in optimizing your listing by using the most relevant/searched keyword related to your product. Researching such keywords is time-consuming, stressful and are not accurate but with the help of ProSeller, you can all do this in a span of a few minutes and get the most accurate results.

Surge and stock-out arrangement

With Amazon and the country slowly taking its courses towards the way back to normalcy, you must be well prepared for every situation. The last thing you would not want is to mark “out-of-stock” against any of your ASINs. Track your inventory constantly to avoid any obstacles in your product delivery. Use tools like ProSeller to help you keep track of your inventory.

Back to Amazon business after corona

Amazon COVID-19 Selling Checklist – A must follow for an Amazon Seller

Follow this checklist adhering to Government and WHO guidelines during deliveries:

  1. Follow strict social distancing measures in the warehouse/delivery centers.
  2. Practice contact-less delivery systems.
  3. Encourage only digital payments.
  4. Disinfect packages to be delivered often. 
  5. Regular Temperature checks of the delivery partners.
  6. Advise the delivery team to sanitize hands frequently.
  7. Disinfecting the warehouse at least twice a day.
  8. Providing gloves and masks to all the staff.

COVID-19 Selling Checklist

How is Amazon playing a helping hand during this Pandemic?

Towards sellers

  1. Offered to reimburse sellers for removal orders until the end of May.
  2. Promised to not take business account metrics during the pandemic in consideration for evaluating account health.
  3. Blocked 1 million products for misleading claims, according to Reuters.
  4. Blocked More virus-related items and stopped accepting applications for these categories.


Amazon’s much-needed Aid during the Pandemic

  1. Set up an emergency Amazon relief fund for independent delivery services and drivers.
  2. Offered to cover up to 14 days of sick leave for staff diagnosed with COVID-19.
  3. Announced their intention to hire 100,000 more staff in the U.S.A. to cover rising demand. 
  4. Stopped accepting inbound FBA shipments coming directly from China, sellers claim.
  5. Teamed up with other tech companies to support the national response to the health crisis. 
  6. Working with food banks in 25 cities across the country to deliver 6 million meals to underserved and vulnerable populations.
  7. Donating $5 million in Amazon devices globally to those in need.
  8. Donating 8,200 laptops to Seattle Public Schools students who do not have access to a device at home.

Amazon's much-needed Aid during the Pandemic


How can ProSeller help you?

ProSeller can help you in more than one way on your road to a successful comeback on Amazon. It will help you strategize and plan your comeback accordingly. Here is how you can make the most:

  1. Send out email campaigns to your customers.
  2. Track the performance of your email campaigns.
  3. Optimize your listing by using result-oriented keywords.
  4. Track the inventory of your listings through an engaging dashboard.
  5. Keep track of your listings by protecting it from Hijacks.
  6. Listen to your costumes plea and resolve it at the earliest to maintain your ratings.



This pandemic has made us realize that things are so uncertain and can change with the blink of an eye. The business needs to keep itself up with the changing trend to survive in the Market. The world is a lot different now and in a constant effort to get back to normalcy. But things take time, so stay calm, stay safe and always remember – “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

We at ProSeller want our partners to have a flourishing and prosperous comeback and are dedicated to providing the best services for much-needed optimization of your listing. Visit to know more.


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