Want to increase sales, get your listing on top and wish to grow your Amazon business faster? You can do all of it by simply getting more Amazon Reviews on your Product.  

Reviews play an important role in online business. They can take your business to new heights. Reviews can either build a business reputation or ruin it. Good reviews are one of the most powerful selling points in e-commerce. 

Product reviews are a modern media word of mouth marketing. They have a huge impact on the buying decision of a consumer. Reviews win the trust of the customers which encourages sales.

So it becomes a top priority for a seller to get good product reviews. 

Read through this blog, to learn:

  1. Why do product reviews on Amazon matter?
  2. Can reviews improve sales?
  3. How can you easily get more reviews on your Amazon listings?

Amaozn Reviews

Why are Reviews so important for your Amazon Business?

Amazon is a great platform providing opportunities to expand and grow business online. The Amazon marketplace helps sellers venture into new markets and sell their products to new customers. 

As amazon opens doors for more business, it aggressively monitors the quality of the product to maintain it’s standards. This is where the reviews play an important role. Amazon has always maintained a high emphasis on customer reviews and customer satisfaction. 

Amazon has created a market where the customer’s product reviews and seller feedback replace the “in-store” experience. The listings on Amazon are highly reliable on products reviews, ratings and feedback. Amazon tracks all the reviews and seller feedback and ranks the seller accordingly. 

Product reviews are a major reason why Amazon is the most preferred online shopping platform by the majority of the customers. Amazon reviews fill the gap of non-tangibility of the product by making customers understand every detail of the product.

Here are 8 reasons why Amazon Customer Reviews are Important for Sellers

  1. Amazon Safeguards the Trustworthiness of Reviews.
  2. Reviews Give Important Market Insight.
  3. Amazon Product Review Leads to Higher Rankings.
  4. Amazon Seller feedback Facilitates “Amazon Buy Box” Wins.
  5. Reviews Increase Conversion Rates.
  6. Amazon Product Review is a Free Marketing Tool.
  7. Amazon reviews can also help you identify your product’s strengths and weaknesses.
  8. They help become a reliable and preferred seller. 

More Reviews = More sales. True or False? 

Reviews are the lifeline for the sustainable growth of any product in e-commerce. They add immense credibility and build loyalty towards the brand. More than 95% of shoppers consult reviews and ratings before they make a purchase. 

Is it no more a mere fact that reviews are only an added advantage to your product listing. Good reviews drive business and bad reviews can take away potential sales. Reviews are a strong aspect of online business as they add credibility and social proof for the brand. 

Check out 5 major reasons How Reviews help your brand:

  1. Makes your Brand Trustworthy.
  2. Influences decision making. 
  3. Drives sales.
  4. Opens up conversations for the brand.
  5. Help you improve the product and customer service.

Thus, the statement that “more reviews = more sales” is true and highly recommended.

10 ways to maximise amazon reviews

Now that you know-how reviews add value to Amazon listing. We will tell you 10 interesting strategies to leverage your reviews and ratings on Amazon. These strategies are result oriented and proven to help sellers over time.

  • Focus on your product Quality

The first step towards getting reviews is to provide the best quality product. If the customer is happy with the product they are more likely to review and rate it. Make sure every product dispatched meets the Amazon quality standards.

  • Improve your customer service

Provide efficient customer service. Solve the issues faced by the customers while returning, replacing the products. Take measures to communicate with customers and understand their concerns. A satisfied customer is the best strategy to improve your ratings.

  • Create a mailing list and request customers to leave a review

The easiest way to get more product reviews is by sending an after-sales e-mail. Build an email list off-Amazon and then send out information about your product with a link to the Amazon listing to your curated audience. Send follow-up emails to get a  better rate of reviews.

  • Use Amazon Request a review Button

Amazon has made it easier for sellers in getting more reviews by launching the “Request A Review” button right in Amazon Seller Central. The Request A Review Button helps you get Amazon reviews by sending a predefined message set by Amazon via the Buyer-Seller Messaging platform. 

The Amazon Request Review is not an automated feature, you are required to raise a review request for each order. This becomes a difficult task when your order volume is too high. This is where tools like ProSeller can help you ease your task with the automation process.


  • Use Amazon Early Reviewer Program

To make the review process simpler and effective Amazon has designed tools to help sellers getting more reviews. The Early Reviewer Program is an attempt by Amazon to help sellers accumulate reviews for new products. This service is controlled and managed by Amazon. Amazon uses the Early Reviewer program by contacting randomly selected buyers of the participating products and asking them to provide a review. Though it is a paid service it is totally worth the price. Here is how it works:

  1. For a fee of $60 (per SKU), Amazon sends follow up emails to people that have purchased your products and offers them a reward of $1-$3 for leaving a review.
  2. Only products that have less than 5 reviews and cost more than $15 are eligible for the Program.
  3. Once a customer leaves a review, your product is marked with the orange “Early Reviewer Rewards” badge.
  4. The program will stop either after 1 year, or when your product has received 5 reviews.


  • Use Amazon Vine 

The Amazon vine service is another value-added service introduced by Amazon. The vine program is relatively a quick way to add product reviews to a listing. Through the vine program, Amazon acts as an intermediate between the seller and reviewers.

Amazon Vine helps get Amazon reviews by allowing sellers to send samples to Amazon, which Amazon then distributes to their top Amazon reviewers called Vine Voice. 

To participate, vendors must submit their products to Amazon and pay a fee $2,500 – $7,500 per ASIN. 

It is recommended to use this service before launching a new product so that by the time the product is made available to customers for purchase there are already product reviews included in the listing.

  • Ask for a review in Packaging Inserts

This is one of the most effective and efficient ways to get reviews. Inserting a simple card/infographic or newsletter with the product asking for a review helps in reminding customers to leave a review. Make sure to sound as neutral as possible and follow Amazon’s product packaging and inserts policy, when asking for a review in the promotional materials  

  • Use social media

Social media is a powerful platform to use to get more reviews. It can increase the number of customer opinions and also increase the interaction between sellers and potential customers.

You can send out campaigns to fans and supporters on Twitter and Facebook to write about their experiences and reviews. Facebook groups can be an excellent platform for interacting with your customers, you can showcase your products, provide offers and lead them to your Amazon page requesting for reviews. There is a higher chance of getting reviews if you provide them with exclusive incentives and offers that can be used on Amazon.

Using the Facebook bot is another great strategy.


  • Provide customers with discount codes

To overcome the growing competition on Amazon prefer giving discounts and attractive offers on your products. This strategy encourages more sales as it promotes people to click on the product. Pricing is a sensitive element in online business. Thus, more sales will lead to more product reviews. But always make sure you abide by the Amazon seller policies and never send incentive emails requesting for feedback or review. 

  • Turn Seller Feedback into Product Reviews

This is a simple and basic strategy which is often overlooked by most of the sellers. Buyers on amazon get confused between seller feedback and product reviews. You must have probably seen product reviews left in Seller Feedback at some point. 

Request Reviews from customers who have left positive product reviews in the seller feedback section to leave a product review. Proactively emailing such customers will be helpful. 

Do and Don’ts to keep in mind when asking for Review


  1. Ask for a review in a neutral way
  2. Use email automation tools like ProSeller
  3. Strictly follow Amazon’s policies and guidelines
  4. Use Amazon paid programs (early review riser and vine)
  5. Respond to a negative review with dignity.


  1. Pay anyone to write reviews for you
  2. Ask for a positive or 5-star review
  3. Offer an incentive in return for a review
  4. Get your friends and family to write reviews for you
  5. Other things not mentioned in this post but violating Amazon’s TOS

Use ProSeller to get 5x more reviews

The industry average for getting a review on Amazon is 5%. This is tough even for an established product. But with ProSeller you can increase your chance of getting more organic and genuine reviews. 

ProSeller lets you set email rating alert notifications, track negative reviews and complaints so that you can resolve any product-related issues quickly. 

Why should you choose ProSeller?

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  7. Send customised emails to your targeted list.
  8. ProSeller helps you safeguard your listing by immediately notifying you in case of product Hijack. 


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Reviews are a sore point for Amazon. They are a powerful means to increase sales. Reviews make a customer trust a brand as humans tend to believe and rely on what the fellow buyer has to say about the product. The purchase is only made after they find out the experience of a previous buyer with the product. Thus, if the product is rated good it is in the carts..! 

Getting more genuine and organic reviews is not an easy task, but you can do it all with the help of ProSeller.  Sign up Proseller for 30 days free trial and see your Amazon business reach new heights. 


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