How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

Amazon has emerged as the leader in the world of eCommerce. More than 197 million people around the world log into amazon to fulfil their needs every month. The eCommerce giant is growing at a rapid speed and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Amazon’s growing demand has created opportunities for many sellers to go online with their products. The scope to increase revenue, deliver in different locations, to increase the customer base has attracted the sellers to go onboard with Amazon. Amazon gives sellers a 30%-50% increase in their sales.

The sellers around the world compete to perform well on Amazon’s global and local platforms.  There is stiff competition for every product listed as there are more than 3 sellers offering the same product.

In this blog post, you will understand what makes a seller a “Pro-seller”, or why customers prefer a particular seller’s product over your product and how to increase sales doing Amazon listing optimization rightly. Read to learn, practice and become a ProSeller.

How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

Why should You Optimise your product Listing?

The answer to this is simple, Amazon listing optimization will drive more page visitors, more conversions hence more revenue. To outcast the competition you will have to make sure your product listing is enriched by using the right keywords.  

Amazon is a search engine just like any other search engine but it’s based on the conversion as opposed to user-satisfaction input exactly what the user would search for when looking for your product. 

On Amazon, competition is real and it’s hard to stand out unless your product is unique or the price is really low.  But with the right keywords and strategy, you can lead the competition. Hence it is vital for a seller to plan and strategize his listings and keep updating it regularly to stay in the market.


amazon listing optimization


What is Amazon Listing Optimisation?

Amazon listing optimization is the process of upgrading product pages to improve their search visibility, click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR) and finally generate more sales. This process includes: keyword discovery, optimizing listing text and image content and increasing number of reviews.

Amazon Product Listings

Optimizing the content of the product listed is a winning strategy to get a higher conversion rate and Click-through-rate. A well-optimized product title, Main image title, Attribution description images and well-described product details contribute to more sales and better ranking. 

amazon product optimization

What is A9 Algorithm?

Amazon’s product search algorithm is popularly known as the A9 algorithm. The Amazon A9 algorithm is a hot topic often discussed by Amazon experts and sellers. The Amazon A9 algorithm is an efficient and iterative search methodology that reads, scans, and analyzes all the data on the Amazon marketplace.

The AI algorithm determines the products that are ideal matches for a customer’s query and ranks them with the most relevant on the top results. The structured data in their catalogue provides them with the necessary features required to present the best results to its users

One of the A9’s principles is relevancy and Amazon strives to obtain the best results for its users. Amazon ranking algorithms are designed to automatically combine different relevance features. The algorithm also learns from its former search patterns and adapts to display important results to its customers.


amazon A9 algorithm


How to Do Amazon Listing Optimization in 2020

The process of optimizing can be broken down into seven different elements:

  • Product Title

Product title is the key element through which your product gets visible to the customers. Amazon allows you a product title length of 250 characters(Including spaces). A product listing with more than 80+ characters generally tops their place amongst 1000 of their competitors. Ensure you use potential keywords in the order of their relevance.

Pro Tip:

Place your top 5 keywords in the product title as amazon generates canonical URLs using the product title. These URLs will help you rank better as it will be easy for the A9 algorithm to index. 

amazon product title

  • Product Images & Videos

Product Images are one of the most important elements to help you rank better on Amazon and get more visibility. The product images are the first thing the customers look at, therefore this is the only factor that makes a customer click on the product.

Amazon will allow you nine product images including a lead image. Include high-quality images of size 1,000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high. Amazon recommends that the product fills at least 85% of the image. 62% of the top listings tend to have at least 5 or 8 images.

 It is evident that 90% of the customers say that videos featuring the product help them in making the right decision. Having Product Video included in the listing is a great strategy to increase the conversion rates as shoppers feel that video help in a better understanding of the product. 

amazon image best practices

  • Key product features

Amazon gives you 1,000 characters to describe your key product features. Use it to persuade potential customers that your product is better than the competitions by explaining the uses and benefits of your product. Use High-quality bullet points to give brief details of the product. Try and use as many keywords as possible to make sure your listing is well-optimised. Limit to adding only 5 Bullets to avoid overdoing.

Amazon Listing Optimization: Optimize the Content

  • Product Description

The product description is the main element that explains your product to the customers. It gives a clear understanding of what the product is about. Make sure you include every minute detail of the product, explaining the directions of use, safety measures to be followed etc., Do not use HTML tags, quotes or testimonials. It should be clear and concise. It recommends keeping the product description to a minimum of 250 words.

amazon product description

  • Product Review & Ratings

Product reviews play an important role in the ranking of your product. Make sure you regularly follow your product rating and reviews. A Good product listing tends to have between 500 to 1000 reviews. Tools like ProSeller can help you Boost your reviews. Review and ratings help customers in decision making and influence their shopping habits. Reviews and Ratings also play an important role while your product is indexed by the A9 algorithm. If your product has good reviews and rating there are high chances that you win the Amazon Buy Box. Learn more about how ProSeller can help you increase your ratings more by 3x times.

amazon product review and ratings

  • Product Question & Answers

The questions that customers can ask on the product page are just as important. Customers often ask about specific details of the application or other information they can’t find on the product page. Sellers, vendors, and other customers can answer questions. This will help in enhancing the content on the page.

amazon product question and answers

  • Backend Keywords

The first rule in Amazon listing optimization is to include all the relevant keywords on your product page for your product to appear on Amazon search. Add up to 249 bytes of other important keywords in the “search terms” (also known as “generic keywords”.)

There might be some keywords that you are unable to add to your listing directly. These are not visible to the customer but are essential for Amazon SEO. These could also be synonyms to your product name or even common mis spellings for the product name. They are called Backend Keywords.

How to write an Amazon Title:

  1. Utilise pipes (|) and dashes (-) to help break up keywords and improve readability.
  2. Implement primary keywords utilising longer tail variations
  3. Incorporate connectors (words that go before or after the exact primary keyword)
  4. Enforce primary benefits upfront in keyword form.
  5. Add other functions + secondary uses of the product.
  6. Include any USP’s of products.
  7. 200 Characters max. (Amazon always changes this though.)
  8. Write for the USER FIRST then for the algorithm.


How Can Proseller help you in Amazon Listing Optimisation

ProSeller can help you optimise your listings by helping you get the right keywords for your products. ProSeller features are designed to boost your product ranking by finding relevant keywords and ensuring that you add them to your product listing. 

Make your Amazon SEO efficient and effective using ProSeller. The following features will help you simplify your product optimization.

Amazon Suggested Keywords

Amazon shows certain keyword suggestions as the customer types on the search bar. This tool will help you identify these keywords so that you can easily use them in your listing and rank higher in product searches. Identifying the right keywords which a customer uses to search a product can be tricky. 

Why should you use Proseller to find the Amazon Suggested Keywords ?

As the customer searches for a product on Amazon, the drop down are the Amazon Suggested Keywords. They are the options that the customer chooses from. Thus, it is essential for the seller to add the buyer intent keywords in their listing. Now, Amazon does not allow us to download this list. Neither does it make the entire list visible at one time. This is where the Proseller Keyword Suggestion Tool becomes essential.

ProSeller helps you curate the list of all the prospective suggested keywords by just adding a phrase related to your product.

You can easily download this list of keywords and use them while writing your product description, title etc. 


amazon keyword researchamazon suggested keywords

Pro Tip: Adding Numbers to your Product listing/title can help in better amazon listing optimisation of your product if those numbers are crucial for your product description.

Keywords Processor

Convert your extensive list of keywords into a more relevant and cohesive list, thereby removing all duplicates. You can then use this list to increase traffic on your product page. Having a list of keywords is not enough to rank better on Amazon. You should know the right strategy of combining these keywords into a format that is readable easily by customers and also the A9 Algorithm. While developing the product listing you must keep in mind that you are writing it to be read by people and not machines.

Again, Why should you use Proseller Keyword Processor?

The extensive list that you derive from Keyword Suggestion tool cannot be used directly. Due to the restrictions on the character limitations we need to be careful that we do not repeat the keywords. Thus , it is important that all the redundant words are removed. Having duplicate keywords is detrimental to your listing and thus ProSeller Keywords Processor will help you dedupe the keywords.

ProSeller helps you in curating optimised keyword results that you can use directly on your product listing. This can be done easily by a simple process of adding the lists of all keywords you have and then process it to give you High performance oriented results.  

Amazon keywords processor


amazon duplicate keywords remover

Listing Creator

This is a powerful tool that ensures that you have used all the relevant keywords in your listing. It helps to map down clearly which keywords have been used and which are unused thereby reminding you to include them so that you are done with amazon listing optimization and have an optimized product listing.

While developing your product listing be careful that you are not repeating certain keywords multiple times, this can make Amazon mark your listing as spam. ProSeller helps you in identifying the already used keywords, thus avoiding unnecessary duplication.

amazon listing creator

You can also import your existing listings and then optimise it by using the right keywords. With Proseller it is easy to import, Just click on the button in the bottom (Import listing) then add in your product ASIN to import. 

Why should you use Proseller Listing Creator?

While using ProSeller Listing Creator, as you write your listing, all the keywords that you are using will move from the unused keywords section to the used keywords field. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on the keywords. Also since we need to adhere to the rules of Amazon Listing in terms of character limit, it is very difficult to count yourself. Thus, by using Proseller Listing Creator, it will not only tell you your character limitations but will also tell you the number of characters you have written. Thus, it will be easy for you to adhere to the character limitations.

amazon listing import


Amazon is the world’s most competitive marketplace with millions of sellers competing with each other on a daily basis. Sellers with only the right strategy can sustain and grow big on amazon. Keyword Processing and indexing is a continuous process which can be complex but tools like ProSeller can make it hassle-free. Listing your products once is not the end of the journey, you need to constantly review and monitor for new keywords. You need to keep a check of your competitors to ensure you dont lack behind. It is also crucial for you to check that you are being indexed for your keywords. You can do that easily by using our tool ProSeller Index Checker. It will also tell you your ranking for the keyword. 

Thus making complete use of ProSeller to leverage the strategies like Amazon listing Optimization, boosting the ratings and reviews is a smart strategy. 

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