A guide to Amazon Prime Day

Amazon is every Indian’s go-to shopping store for everything under the sun!! With 5-6 lakh shipments every day no doubt that Amazon is Everyone’s favourite “apni dukaan”!

Amazon has changed the concept of shopping in Indian households since its launch in 2012. The exceptional customer service, exclusive products at a lower price, the experience of shopping from home, has made Amazon the first choice of Indian society.

Amazon is a customer-centric platform and takes serious measures to deliver world-class customer service. Following this approach, it launched the “Amazon Prime”, a special program run by Amazon for the customers.

Amazon Prime Day was designed to enhance the customer experience with Amazon. This program comes with numerous benefits for both sellers and customers. For sellers, it is an advantage to boost sales and revenue.

In this blog post, we will discuss how being a prime seller will help you stand apart from Amazon’s 6 lakh seller base.

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What is Amazon Prime?

Prime membership is a special program through which the customers get various benefits like unlimited free and fast order deliveries on eligible items and early access to sales while buying as a Prime member. 

Since its launch in 2016, Amazon Prime in India has grown its member base faster than any other country. The special superior services they receive as Prime members attract more people to become Amazon Prime members.

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10 benefits of Amazon Prime for Sellers

  1. Prime customers tend to search more for prime products. 
  2. Showing your products as Prime products may get you higher chances of converting them into sales.
  3.  As an Amazon Prime Seller, you get a Prime Badge which helps the customers in finding your products faster and easier. 
  4. More product visibility and sales.
  5. Amazon Seller fulfilled Prime (SFP) gives the Amazon seller the best chance to “win” the coveted Amazon buy box.
  6. The seller gets featured on the amazon prime day, the biggest sale offered by amazon to prime customers exclusively every year.  
  7. Amazon offers a special discount and offers custom made for a prime seller. 
  8. Amazon handles the logistics through fulfillment by Amazon, which makes the delivery possible in two days. This helps to reduce the logistic burden from the seller.
  9. A prime seller is eligible for better feedback rate from the prime customers
  10. Amazon Prime messaging markets products on the seller’s behalf


How to become an Amazon Prime Seller

There are 3 ways through which a regular seller can become Prime Seller and start selling on Amazon Prime. The seller must be a part of any one of the following programs to be eligible for becoming a prime seller. 

  • Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) Program

FBA is a logistics and fulfillment service offered by Amazon in which Amazon picks, packs and delivers your goods to the customer. When you choose FBA, your products become eligible for Prime. 

  • Local shops on Amazon

If you can deliver the products to nearby pin codes quickly within two days using either your own associates or a third party carrier, then you can sign up for Local Shops on Amazon. This can enable the Prime badge for your nearby Pincode.

  • Seller Flex

Seller Flex provides you with all the benefits of FBA from the convenience of your warehouse location. This program allows you to sell products with both Prime and FBA.

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is one of Amazon’s big shopping events of the year and an opportunity for sellers to connect with lakhs of Prime members across the country. On this day, Prime customers get exclusive access to discounts on many product categories listed exclusively by the Prime Sellers.

Amazon Prime Day is looked upon by customers as an extravaganza shopping event to get the best deals, great offers and free delivery on purchase. Amazon makes sure to celebrate their prime customers by offering the best service on the prime days.

The Amazon Prime Day occurs once a year for two days. Prime Day is an annual celebration with Great Deals, Blockbuster Entertainment and new Product launches only for Prime members.

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Why Amazon Prime days 2020 is important?

With this new COVID-19 world, we all have seen ups and downs. There have been industries where sales have plummeted and there have been industries where sales have skyrocketed. With the lightning deals this Prime day, there can be a boost for sellers. 

Amazon is trying to boost unique and regional products. There are exquisite deals on handmade and Indian brands. With a focus on new innovations, they will boost Made in India products. The products are being discounted by 30% – 70%. 

Thus, Prime day 2020 can bring in a change that you have been waiting for.

How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day?

As a seller, you would not want to miss the opportunity to make the most of Amazon prime day. The amazon prime days can certainly be a good comeback for the sellers post COVID-19 situation. It can help sellers increase their sales, reach out to new customers, clear their inventory. 

The sellers need to plan well in advance to leverage their sales on a prime day. Here are a few quick tips to follow to make the most out of Amazon prime day.

7 Tips to boost Amazon Prime Day Sales

Create interesting Product Offers

Amazon Prime Day sale is all about selling more and reaching out to new customers. For this you need to come up with interesting offers, maybe you can combine two of your products for a combo deal or offer a free product on purchase of one, give coupons and additional discounts of purchase above a certain amount. 

Participate in multiple amazon prime day deals

Prime day sales can be boosted by submitting deals for multiple products for being eligible as “Deal of the day”. However, only a few submissions are accepted by Amazon but it’s always a best practice to submit multiple offers with lightning deals and competitive prices.

Optimize your PPC campaigns 

Enable your manual campaigns. Keep a check on your daily spend and optimize wisely. Add negative keywords to your campaigns to ensure that your ad spent is on relative keywords.

 Optimize your Product listings

Product listings are the most crucial elements of your Amazon listing. They enable your products to be found in Amazon searches and encourages shoppers to purchase your products. So, optimize your listings with the relevant keywords. Make sure your description gives all the features of your product that will help the customer to press the BUY NOW button. The images of your listing should be of high quality and should connect well with the customer.

Manage your Inventory levels

Do not lose out on your sales just because you don’t have stock. So keep a check on your inventory levels constantly as if your inventory levels are low, Amazon algorithm will not show your products to the relevant customer and you will lose on a prospective sale. 

Optimize your presence on Social Media

Make sure you communicate with your customers and let them know what you are offering this prime day. Leverage your social media Ad spend, re-target your existing customers, reach out to potential customers. Amazon has provided various frames that you can use on your social media to promote this great event. So use their social media kit. You should use their hashtags like #amazonprimeday #discoverjoy #freedeliveryonprime

Test your Listing Content 

Use Amazon’s split-testing feature to maximize your listing’s conversion potential. Experiment with Amazon A+ content and description to capture buyers’ interest. Perform A/B testing with higher and lower prices. You can A/B test your listing, product headings, description and prices. 

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How ProSeller can help you Boost your Sales on Prime Day

Prime day 2020 is an opportunity for a grand comeback to all the sellers post the unfortunate COVID-19 Crisis. You must be aware that there are thousand more sellers like you hopeful of the upcoming prime day sale. Have you thought of strategies to help you stand out of the tough competition?

 You need to plan to make sure you are not missing on the much anticipated big day for you. With ProSeller you can quickly enhance your amazon product listing and make it prime day sale ready. ProSeller will help you optimize in just a few steps.

Optimize your listings

Optimizing your Amazon product listing was never easy but with ProSeller you can do it in a few quick steps. Get a list of highly optimized keywords for your product and make sure you include them while re-writing your listing. 

Check your Inventory status

Prime Day can be stressful with so many things to manage, but managing your product inventory should not be stressful. With a user-friendly ProSeller dashboard, you can determine your inventory levels. You can also estimate with the current rate how long your inventory will last. 

Request reviews 

Reviews play an important role in customer conversion. So request your past 30 days’ customers to give you a review. This will nudge the new customers to take the right decision. Also don’t miss the opportunity of requesting for review  after you receive great sales on Prime day  

Send past customers email campaigns (linking back to amazon)

Send emails to your past customers informing them about the deals and taking them back to your Amazon listing.

We at ProSeller aim to make your prime day sale ready. No need to plan for hours and stress, just download a ProSeller and get going. At ProSeller you will find a solution to most of your problems.

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Amazon as a platform provides many opportunities to both sellers and buyers to get the best shopping experience. The Amazon prime program is one such initiative by Amazon launched with the interest to optimise the customer experience and provide exclusive deals to the prime subscribers. It also provides sellers with an opportunity to reach out to new customers and boost their sales. 

Amidst the tough competition from other prime sellers, make sure you have your prime day selling strategy in place and ready to make the most of the shopping extravaganza. Use ProSeller to enhance and make your listing amazon prime day ready!!

On the Prime day make sure you are a Pro-Seller with a smart strategy and skyrocket sales!

All the best!



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