A Complete Guide for Setting Up Follow Up Campaigns

Do you feel your follow up email campaigns are not performing as expected ? Is their response rate way below your assumption ? Email campaigns are one of the most powerful tools in marketing.  

They can provide the highest marketing ROI’s if planned strategically. 

Emails are no doubt one of the simplest, economical and effective marketing tools. Creating a value-generating email campaign is the trickiest part. If you are successful in creating one you are winning the marketing game.

There are many ways to create a successful email campaign, but what tops the list is the Follow-up emails. Follow-ups are a key to increasing response on your emails. Follow-up is crucial for a successful business as it keeps the prospects and customers connected. 

Read the blog below to understand the importance of Follow up email campaigns and ways on how you can create the best follow up campaign for your business.

What Are Follow Up Campaigns?

Follow up campaigns is a planned series of communications to establish a relationship with a prospect. Follow up emails are those emails sent to your recipient list after the initial email. 

Its purpose is to keep the customer engaged with the business. 

Follow up campaigns are also sent to those who didn’t open or click the initial email. It encourages the recipients to take up the desired action. Follow-ups can be sent for requesting product feedback, information about special offers and discounts, new product launch. 

Follow-ups campaigns increase the open and click rate of the email campaign. Follow up campaigns help in having a positive impact on the response rate by increasing the chance of a reply or action.

Importance Of Follow Up Campaigns

Follow-up campaigns are crucial to generating interest in your business among the prospects. Follow up campaigns make a prospect feel they are valuable to your business. Regular follow-ups can help prospects turn into leads. 

 The follow-up system enhances this communication. As customers usually want a medium to get in touch with the company a regular follow can make him feel connected. Follow-ups can be a great source to ask customers, “What they want/expect next.”


Follow up Emails

5 Reasons – why Follow-Ups Matter 

  1. It increases the reliability process for the customer.
  2. It helps the business to keep the customers heard and engaged.
  3. It helps fulfil customer expectation, which provides them with more reasons to purchase your products.
  4. It helps to generate new leads. A follow-up campaign for people enquiring about business can help convert them into prospective customers.
  5. It helps to keep Existing customers updated with the business. This also helps to generate sales as they are more likely to interact and buy products than the ones without any follow up.

The success of the follow-up campaigns lies in the frequency of contacting the lead. You need to understand the “What is the line between being persistent and being annoying?”

An effective follow-up campaign can have up to 4 follow-ups maximum anything beyond that comes under the “annoying” category. A least effective follow-up is just having one email, this fails to bring any response.

While deciding the number of follow-ups you need to consider all these factors: 

  1. The type of product you deal with.
  2. The campaign planned (reviews, new product, sales, discount or offer). 
  3. Existing customers or new customer list.
  4. The open rate and click rate of the initial message sent.
  5. The success rate of previous such campaigns.

Follow up Campaigns


Follow-up Campaigns MUST for an Amazon Seller

The Amazon marketplace is one huge competitive platform. As Amazon offers a wide variety of options of the same product to the consumers, it becomes a challenge for the vendors to retain their customers. 

A good branding strategy is to listen to the customer’s wants and needs and make them feel they are important. A satisfied customer is like goodwill to the business. They possibly can get new customers to your business. The high ROI of a happy customer is the secret of success in eCommerce. 

The vendors have to work hard and smartly to retain their customers as brand loyalty is rare in such a price-sensitive market. The best way to develop brand loyalty is to continuously communicate with the customers and for that, you need to follow-up wisely.

3 Best Follow up campaigns for an Amazon Seller

1.Review Request

A simple follow-up email asking for review can do wonders for your Amazon Listing. Most of the customers do not rate or review the product until you request them to do so. It is also a great way to improve your listing and product quality. 

2.Customer service check-in

It’s a good idea to send a simple “thank you” after the purchase, and ask the customer if there is anything you can help with. It can also help to establish a good relationship with customers by welcoming them to your brand family. It also lays the foundation for asking for a Feedback.

3.Repeat order

This type of follow-up campaign is very helpful if you are dealing with consumable products. You can set up a simple campaign offering the customers to re-stock their supply once they are about to finish it (eg. Cosmetics, Stationery, FMCG). This helps in retaining the customers and convert them into a regular repeat buyer. 

The importance of Review and Feedback cannot be undermined. They not only are customer voices for other customers that encourages them to purchase products but also help improve your seller ranking.

Do It With ProSeller 

It is not easy to get Reviews and Feedback. If a customer is highly dissatisfied it will take them one minute to leave a negative review. However, if they are happy with the product they will never make the effort of logging into Amazon and leaving a positive Review or Feedback.

Thus, it becomes essential to ask for Review and Feedback in a correct manner and the right time. If you have many orders doing this manually is a tedious task. Thus, ProSeller makes this easier for you. Setting up the campaign once and the task is handled for all your orders.

To stay ahead , you can A/B test your campaigns to remove any guess work and determine the right time and the right template to be used. With the statistical information you can improve the campaign result and attain your goal.

Also through Amazon you cannot target the past customers again. However, ProSeller can help you retain customers and maintain a high average lifetime value. You can easily send emails to your past 30 days order customers to send them promotional emails or follow up emails for Review and Feedback 

ProSeller integrates with Amazon’s buyer-seller messaging to send messages based on specific triggers (such as x number of days after a sale , in case negative feedback received). ProSeller helps automate most of the process. With a specially designed template for follow-ups, you can do more with ease and comfort.  

Determining which customers have opened or clicked on your email can be easily done at ProSeller. Using this data you can easily resend FOLLOW UP emails to those customers who have neither opened nor clicked your previous emails. Doing this task manually is practically impossible. But this can be easily automated at Proseller.

Here is all you can do for Follow-up campaigns with ProSeller 

  1. Automate the specially designed follow-up Campaign.
  2. Choose a previous campaign for which you would want to send Follow up Emails.
  3. Choose the perfect template from our pre set templates or create your own .
  4. Finalise the campaign.
  5. ProSeller will resend follow up emails to the customers who have neither opened nor clicked on your previous emails.

7 Steps  To Create A Valuable Follow Up Campaign

Follow up campaigns are sensitive. You need to plan it carefully to make them effective. Follow these 7 steps to create a valuable follow up campaign. 

  • Define your goals 

Before you begin following up with the prospects, define your goals. As to what you want your prospects or clients to do as a result of receiving the campaign. This helps in developing the content and organizing the follow-up mails.

  • Set your timeframe right

This is the most important step. You need to strategize the timeframe correctly. Never send a marketing follow-up email too quickly. Allow the prospects to take enough time and process your last email. A gap of 5 days is ideal for an effective follow-up campaign. Automate this difficult task using tools like ProSeller.

Follow up Emails


  • Start with a reminder about your last email

It is necessary to reference the last email you sent in the first line. But don’t summarize it. This helps the recipient know about your email chain and its purpose. The ideal follow-up mail should have a sentence or two to reference the last one and then begin explaining why this next email is so important.

  • Refresh your contact list 

While Following up you will have to constantly update and refresh your contact list. You do not want to send emails to the entire list. You should check for the openers and clickers of the previous mail and have them deleted before sending out the new follow-up mail. ProSeller identifies the openers of the emails and immediately removes them from the further drip chain.

  • Provide Valuable content

The content of the mail should be short and subjective. A follow-up should tell the recipient clearly what you are expecting from them. It should explain the purpose clearly as to why you are following up with them. It can be for them to know about your new product or asking them for feedback or making them aware of special offers and sales.

  • Use Action Verbs

The follow-up email should make the recipient pursue an action. You can’t simply send an email where all you do is ask for something. Instead, be sure you’re benefiting the recipient somehow, too. Add value to your email copies by using words that will lead a prospect to pursue an action.

Follow up Campaigns


  • End your follow-up with CTA’s 

This is the most crucial step while writing your follow-ups. A follow-up email is never complete without a CTA. Always give your recipient something specific to do. Using CTAs has a better chance of success in converting prospects to customers. The CTA button should be attractive and urge the reader to click on it.

Example of a few best CTA’s:

  1. Buy Now
  2. Let us know how we did
  3. Rate us
  4. We are eager to know your Feedback
  5. Help us to better
  6. Shop now
  7. Explore more
  8. Learn more
  9. Contact Us
  10. Add to your wishlist


Amazon Seller Follow up Campaigns



A follow-up or a drip campaign becomes crucial in today’s competitive business environment. It is necessary for businesses to regularly follow up with prospects to develop interest and convert them into revenue-generating leads. A follow-up campaign is a great way to connect business with customers and prospects.

As an Amazon Seller, it is essential to connect with your customers, attain their attention and get the desired result.

You can set up easy, timeless and hassle-free follow-up campaigns using ProSeller. Start setting up your campaigns today! 


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