The Beginner’s Guide to Start Selling on Amazon in 2020

Selling on Amazon has revolutionized the concept of shopping. A customer can purchase items of his choice from anywhere around the globe, at a reasonable price with just a few clicks. Online shopping has made the shopping experience simple, easy and convenient.  

Amazon is a digital market leader with more than 10 lakh product shipments every day. Amazon reports that, “More than half of online shoppers in India chose to buy on* making it the most preferred online shopping destination in India”.

The rising popularity of online shopping in the Indian markets has led to the creation of a huge profit-making business model to millions of local sellers. Sellers find virtual selling as an easy and effective way to earn 5x times more revenue compared to physical selling. 

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for online shopping, creating opportunities for sellers like you to reach new markets and earn high revenue. With Amazon, you don’t go to the customer, But the customer comes to you! 

Read this blog post to learn how to start selling on Amazon in 2020 following a few simple steps.


Why you should sell on Amazon?

Amazon is India’s most visited and transacted shopping destination. It offers everything from a kitchen knife to fitness accessories to clothing to electronic and now groceries. One out of four Indians prefers shopping on Amazon.

Amazon caters to about 89% of the Indian online customers. This creates a huge business opportunity for sellers to multiply their income, venture into new markets and reach out to new customer base. Amazon gives a seller the power to grow and scale their business. 

In a survey, it was found that the Number of crorepati Amazon sellers grew by over 117% over the last year. Amazon supports its sellers and provides a fair, reliable platform for selling their products.

why you should sell on Amazon

7 Benefits of Selling on Amazon

Low Investment Required 

The biggest challenge of starting a business is sourcing the capital. The main benefit of selling on Amazon is that you can get started with low investment. Amazon’s listing fees are relatively low, and you won’t have to pay until you make your first sales.

Reach millions of new customers

Amazon has a reach that no other platform provides. It will connect your business to every corner of the country and globe. Amazon will help you explore new markets and gain new customers. 

No Website Requirements

The main benefit of selling on Amazon is that you only require products to be eligible to sell on Amazon. You can easily list all your products on Amazon’s website for free. This helps save a lot of money and generates more sales than an independent website. 

Secure Prompt payments

Amazon’s popularity is because of its prompt and honest policies. The funds are safely deposited directly to your bank account, even for Pay on Delivery orders, every 7 days.

 Amazon Reputation 

As an Amazon seller, you certainly inherit Amazon’s reputation which makes it easy to gain customer confidence. Amazon maintains its reputation by strict adherence to its policies by sellers.

Hassle-free deliveries through FBA

To support sellers, scale and grow Amazon launched fulfillment by FBA. This makes the shipping process faster and easier. The FBA unloads the shipping, packing and storage responsibilities of the sellers.  

Excellent support service

Selling on Amazon is easy and convenient as it provides the finest back-end infrastructure. It helps you with everything you need to do business including inventory tracking, credit card processing, and sales tax collection. 

Amazon Seller Eligibility Checklist

Becoming an Amazon seller is easy and a simple process. However, run through this checklist to make sure you have everything required to become a seller. 

Amazon Seller Eligibility Checklist

Starting Up with Selling on Amazon

Amazon is a huge marketplace and provides opportunities for everyone to sell their products with its easy and simple registration process. On Amazon, anyone can become a seller with a minimum amount of investment. You can start earning extra income apart from your regular job. You don’t even have to be a manufacturer to become an amazon seller. 

Setting and selling on Amazon is easy and all you need is desire, time and of course products! Just decide what your niche is and start selling. 

Here are 3 ways to source the products and sell on Amazon 

Source it from a Manufacturer

You can source the products directly from the manufacturer at a wholesale price in bulk volumes. Also, you can become an authorized reseller for big companies.  Then you can simply list these products to sell on amazon. 

Sourcing from Retail Outlets 

This is considered as the most popular way to do business on Amazon. You can buy the items at a discounted price from leading retail outlets. You can source the products as and when required rather than sourcing huge quantities.

Creating own label/Brand

Under this method, you create, design and develop a brand of your own products. If you have the capability to manufacture your own products and sell on amazon this is the best way to own all the profits. This method is also referred to as Private Label. 

List of products you can sell on amazon

products you can sell on amazon


How to Choose the type of Seller account 

There are two different types of seller accounts available on Amazon. As a seller you can choose to create an account depending on your store, fulfillment abilities, ROI goals, inventory holding capacity, packing ability and other factors. The two types of seller accounts are:

  1. Amazon Vendors
  2. Amazon Third Party (3P) Sellers


What is amazon vendor central?

Amazon Vendor Central is an invite-only program for manufacturers and distributors. Amazon Vendor Central grants Amazon ownership of your inventory, which they will then market and sell to shoppers on Under this method the seller is only responsible for selling the inventory to amazon at wholesale price, Once sold the seller has no rights over the products. This method makes the seller a wholesaler and amazon a retailer. 

Amazon pays for the inventory directly to the seller and maintains ownership of the products. Amazon sells those products on the Marketplace (as Amazon) – choosing their own price and shipping options.

What is amazon seller central?

Under this method, the seller or the manufacturer has the complete ownership of the products.  Amazon Seller Central is the interface Third Party sellers use to get lists and sell products directly to Amazon’s customers. The sellers will list, price, and market products themselves, and use the Seller Central dashboard to organize and monitor inventory, pricing, advertising, reports, and more.

On Amazon, more than 50% of total sales come from 3P sellers using Seller Central. The journey of starting to sell on amazon begins by creating a seller central account. The sellers have to manage their own products listings, images, pricing, customer reviews, fulfillment. They have to abide by the strict rules and policies of Amazon.  

Amazon Vendor Central vs. Seller Central


Amazon Vendor Central vs. Seller Central

3 Steps to Start Selling on Amazon

Step 1: Create an account on Amazon Seller Central

The first step is to register your seller account by providing the necessary information (GST Number & PAN, depending on your category) and an active bank account).

Step 2: Upload your product listings

The next step is to upload your product listings through seller central or the seller App. Make sure to include highly optimized keywords in your listings.

Step 3:  Get Ready to sell

Once you have listed your products on Amazon you reach potential buyers every day. Keep track of your ratings and reviews for better sales. Deliver the products promptly through the method of fulfillment chosen and receive your payments for sales every 7 days to your bank account. 

amazon seller

Best Practices for setting up a seller central account login

  1. Create a new email account, in case you don’t have one for your business
  2. Do not use your amazon personal customer account for logging into seller central. 
  3. Input all the information correctly, shipping address, bank account details etc
  4. Add correct GST details related to your business. 
  5. Do not create multiple seller accounts using the same email address.


How to set up an Amazon Seller Central Account 

Amazon Seller Central is the web interface used by Amazon sellers to market and sell their products directly to Amazon’s customers. Seller Central is a one-stop portal for all selling needs. To sell on amazon you need a seller central account. 

Follow these steps to create an Amazon seller account

1. Visit and click on the “Start Selling” option on the website. Or Visit and scroll down to the footer of the page and click on “Sell on Amazon”.


how to set up an Amazon seller central account


2. Once you click you will be directed to the account creation page. Enter your name, Email id, and password.

how to create amazon seller account


3. After completing the account creation you will be navigated to Seller Central account configuration page where you need to enter the basic business details.

4. As the next step enter your Billing details including the bank account details.

5. Then, enter the tax identification details such as the name of your entity, address, federal tax classification (whether the company is registered as LLC, Partnership, or Sole Proprietor), and your Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number.   

6. Lastly, enter your Product information details to complete the account creation process.

Choosing Suitable Seller Plan for your Business

Before you create your seller account you will have to select a selling plan that suits your business the best. You can register on amazon either as an individual seller or as a professional seller. 

Individual Plan: This plan is suitable for sellers, selling fewer than 40 items per month. The sellers have to pay $0.99 per item in addition to referral fees and variable closing fees. There’s no monthly subscription fee.

Professional Plan: This plan is recommended mostly for established brands. You have to opt for this plan when you sell more than 40 items per month. The monthly subscription fee is $39.99 and there are also referral fees and variable closing fees (but no fees per item).

how to choose payment plan on amazon


Choosing fulfillment options suitable for Business

There are 3 ways that you, as an Amazon Seller, can deliver orders to your customers. The sellers can opt for any option according to their convenience. The most recommended option is Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA), as this channel comes with a lot of benefits. The 3 fulfillment channels are:

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

The most preferred method as Amazon takes complete responsibility. It takes care of storage, packaging and delivering the product. Instant eligibility to become Amazon Prime Seller. 

Easy Ship

Under this method, the seller is only responsible for the storage and product packing and Amazon takes care of the delivery. 


Under this method, the seller is responsible for everything from storage to packing to delivery of the products.

amazon fulfillment centre


How ProSeller helps you become a successful seller?

ProSeller can help you in more than one way on your roadmap towards becoming a successful Amazon seller. It will help you strategize and manage your Amazon Business efficiently and effectively. Here is how you can make the most:

  1. Send out email campaigns to your customers.
  2. Track the performance of your email campaigns.
  3. Optimize your listing by using result-oriented keywords.
  4. Track the inventory of your listings through an engaging dashboard.
  5. Keep track of your listings by protecting it from Hijacks.
  6. Listen to your customers’ pleas and resolve it at the earliest to maintain your ratings.


Amazon is a huge platform providing opportunities to millions of sellers to earn profits by making a good amount of sales. It opens up a door for reliable continuous income which helps the seller grow and expand his business. With huge demands for online shopping among the Indian consumers, you must take the next step towards developing your business and get listed on Amazon. 

You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic,-  and Amazon has a lot of traffic! Be smart, start selling today!


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