Do you feel that retaining existing customers is most crucial for a business to grow? They help you build your brand, introduce you to new potential customers, bring business and sales and provide you with necessary feedback. 

The mantra for a successful business is simple, the more Loyal customers you have the better growth your business gets. It’s always important to develop a healthy relationship with customers. To communicate and keep them updated on the happenings of the business.

Running a digital business can be challenging. It is not an easy task to engage with customers, to get the reviews, ask for feedback, provide information on upcoming sale and discounts. The only means to reach out to customers for this purpose is Emails. 

And, we all know how hard it is to go get customers open emails and take action. Hundreds of other mailers spam the inboxes daily. So what makes the customer open your mail amongst the others? How unique and creative can you get to make them open emails and take action?

That’s where you need to A/B test your email campaigns. Read the article below to find how you can optimise the email campaigns using A/B testing with ProSeller.

What is A/B testing or Split testing?


A/B test


A/B testing, also called split testing, is a powerful way to optimise your email campaigns. A/B testing helps you discover which email improves campaign performance. It is a way to compare and test variations of email campaigns to see what works better. 

A/B testing is the process of sending one variation of your campaign to a subset of subscribers and another variation to another subset of subscribers with the goal, to check which campaign variation performs best in terms of opens and clicks.   

A/B testing varies in complexity. It allows you to perform simple tests either on the subject line or the CTA button, to complex tests with the email templates and email copy. The test results help you understand which of these factors were favourable to get more opens and clicks. 

A/B testing is a valuable tool to understand customer behaviours and preferences. The measured results can be used to optimise the campaigns to get effective results. 

Why you should try A/B testing or Split testing ?


A/B test/Split test


A/B testing is one tool which every marketer should try in order to maximise the email performance rates. Sending emails is very easy but making recipients read them is hard. The trends in email marketing keep changing from time to time. It becomes very crucial to run campaigns with these trends.

A/B testing helps you to run tests on these trends and find out what works the best for you. Running a test to a small set of an audience then compare results and use the most efficient email variation in the final campaign to the entire audience.

Here are 5 reasons why A/B testing is a MUST for every email campaign.

5 reasons A/B testing is a MUST 

  • Optimises Email Performance Rates 

A/B testing allows improving email opens and clicks rates. It guarantees a better campaign performance when it runs after considering test results. The main goal of running a test is to get more opens and clicks. 

  • Helps you understand your audience 

Email campaigns vary from product to product. There is no one template or email copy which can get the best results. Every email campaign has to be tailored carefully according to the needs. AB testing helps to understand the audience and design an effective campaign. 

  • Identifies what time, email content works best for you 

A/B testing helps you to study customer behaviour. It helps you identify the ideal time your emails are getting opened, which CTA button has earned more clicks, what subject line has promoted the recipient to open. Using these factors you can create an ideal campaign. 

  • Saves Cost 

The incremental cost for improving your email performance rates through AB testing is minimal. You can measure and compare the results faster and save cost by running the ideal email variation to earn more opens and clicks. The ROI on the test can prove to be massive.

  • Increases conversions and leads

Running the campaign with the ideal email variation helps you to increase conversions. The more creative and engaging your emails are, the more sales you have. For example, Sending an update about a new product launched with an attractive CTA and email template can help you sell more.

3 Rules you must follow while A/B Testing  

Rule 1Decide what you want to test 

The golden rule before setting up an AB test is to set goals. It is important to know Why and What you want to test in your email campaigns. Be clear if you want to test open rates, click rates or conversion rates.

Though you may test multiple elements at a time, it is always a best practice to test just one element at a time to get accurate results. Check what all you can test here.    

Rule 2Split your sample list randomly 

Split your contact list randomly into two equal samples to get conclusive results. It’s preferable to run an AB test on a small portion of your entire audience set. Follow this to get the most optimised email version before launching it to the entire set. Time plays a significant role in marketing campaigns, so make sure to run the test simultaneously on both the sample lists.

Rule 3:  Be patient for the test to produce useful data 

Once you run the test wait for the optimal time to get the right results. Have sufficient data, before making any decisions based on the results of the AB test. Use the right formulae to measure the results. Calculate Open rates, click-through rates, reply rates. Compare the results of both samples and choose the ideal email variation. 

What all You Can Test ?

Test almost Everything! With A/B tests you can run tests for every aspect of the email marketing campaign. Every element from templates to email copies can be put to test. Here are a few elements you should consider testing in your campaigns.

7 Email Elements you Must Test 

  •  Subject Lines

 Subject Lines determine if your emails get open or not. The open rate of the campaign mainly depends on the subject lines. Get creative, personalised subject lines. Try adding emojis for increasing open rates.

  •   Email Design Templates

Test emails with different design templates, styles, visuals. You can create a plain text email and an HTML email format and run test simultaneously to check which email performs the best.  

  • CTA Button

A/B test email

CTA Button plays an important role in getting clicks and conversions. The click-through rate of the campaigns depends on the CTA button. Play around with text, colours, size, placements. Use texts which encourages the user to click.

  • Email Body Text

This is the most crucial part of the email marketing campaign. The text of the email should be convincing enough for the user to take action. Test with different heading styles, font, size of the text, text tone.

  • Personalization

Personalizing your email campaigns can prove to the best strategy to improve the email performance rates. A study reveals that personalising emails can increase CTR by 14%. Test your mails by personalising one and keeping the other generic. Find out which test campaign did well and apply the same to the actual campaign.

  • Images

Images or visuals are the first things that catch the attention of the reader. Try different product pictures, banner, GIFs, Video previews to drive interest. Experiment with having images or no images at all.

  • Word Order

The way you present your text in the mails impacts on how people read and interpret it. The text should be kept simple, clear and engaging. The text should sound exciting, encouraging and profitable to the user.

For example,

  1. Save 20%  Vs Get free shipping
  2. Nick, special offer for you  Vs Special offer for you
  3. Use code to get 25% off   Vs Get 25% off apply XXX code.

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How to do A/B testing with ProSeller ?

Now that you know and understand the advantages of A/B testing, it’s time to learn how to run it. ProSeller makes the process easier than ever. 

ProSeller helps you A/B Test campaigns for timing and template. You can run tests in a few simple steps. 

Steps to Run A/B test

Step 1: Create 2 variations for the Email Campaign (Creative A and Creative B). 

Step 2: Load in the email templates or use the pre-set templates provided by ProSeller. 

Step 3: Define testing parameters i.e Template or time.

Step 4: For template testing choose the two templates.

Step 5:For testing time schedule choose the time at which the customers should receive the emails.

Step 6: Send Test mails to yourself before going live. 

Step 7: Schedule or Make the campaign live. 

Using our graphical and statistical data, determine which template has performed better or at what time the email open rate and click rate is better. This will help you to send out the right emails at the right time to your customers thereby improving campaign results.

Thus, with ProSeller remove the guesswork and make better decisions so that you get more Amazon Reviews and Feedback and are able to improve your sales. 


 “Test more, Perform better, Earn extra”  by testing your emails. Now that you know the various advantages of A/B testing, start your A/B tests on ProSeller today. Happy emailing!!

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